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My Name Is Love: We Not All That Different

My Name Is Love: We Not All That Different

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My Name Is Love: We're Not All That Different by Troy Hadeed

Available in:
Perfect-bound Paperback
Case Laminate Hardcover
Dust Jacket Hardcover with red linen wrap (Only Available Here)
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It's here. The book that inspired this entire clothing line filled with beautiful reflections, stories, and philosophies that help us look at our lives and see where we can do better and become the love we need in the world.

Book Description
Troy Hadeed tells a different kind of love story, one that we all play a part in writing. His quest to understand the human experience and dissolve our sense of separateness makes this story not so much his own, but one that belongs to us all. With a mingling of reflections, teachings and storytelling, he takes us on an authentic and vulnerable journey of introspection.

Some of our teachers along the way include an angel with a kiss of faith, a child on the streets of Calcutta, a mosquito that births compassion, and a spiritual teacher in a gas station.  

This is not a book that tells us what to do or provides us with feel-good affirmations or far-out solutions. With lightheartedness and a subtle sense of urgency, it invites us to ask questions that reveal where we can do better and how it all applies to our lives. When we get ourselves out of the way, we discover there is only one answer; Love


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