My Name Is Love

We Identify As Love was inspired by Troy Hadeed's debut book 'My Name Is Love.'

Here's Troy reading a little excerpt from the introduction of the book that sums it up for us.

"This book isn’t about Troy Hadeed, this book is about love, and how we can get ourselves out of the way so it can come through us.
The reality is that anything surrounding our current physical body is temporary, and therefore cannot actually define who we are. These ideas of ourselves may give us a sense of belonging and importance, but also create a sense of separateness and difference. I have come to the realization that the only thing I can ever truly identify with is love.
I’m not talking about a romantic, superficial, flowery, pastel-coloured love; this love is compassionately fierce, courageous, and confrontational. It is a love that knows no limits or conditions, cannot be put into a box, and excludes no one. To understand and embody this love we must first be willing to lose ourselves and surrender our sense of individual identity."