About Us

We Identify As Love, is a clothing, merchandise and lifestyle brand inspired by the ideology that we aren’t all that different and all play a part in crafting a more loving world, beginning with each and every interaction.

Born out of Troy Hadeed's debut book, My Name Is Love: We're Not All That Different - the brand represents concepts, ideas, and even shares quotes from the book that encourage us to stop and reflect.

At We Identify As Love, we believe that every action, word, and thought changes the world and carries a vibration that can potentially uplift and inspire others; we believe that the clothes we wear should as well.

Our line of merchandise and clothing are all ‘print on demand’ which means that it is made to order and shipped internationally from supplies worldwide. This of course means that there is no mass production or excessive waste, and that merchandise will be shipped to you from the closest supplier. While we have ordered and checked every time for quality and consistency to ensure your satisfaction please reach out to us if there are any issues.

We love and appreciate you, thank you for your commitment to make the world a better place.